benco Launches All-New benco S1 Plus, the Smartphone Where Unique Authentic-Pearl Design Meets Seamless Performance

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benco recently unveils the all-new benco S1 Plus, introducing a distinctive addition to its S1 Family lineup. Featuring premium authentic-pearl patterns design with unique pattern for each piece, the benco S1 Plus sets a new standard for aesthetics, innovation and power. This latest smartphone combines the elegance of authentic-pearl unique design with the lightning-fast performance driven by advanced hardware and software, providing consumers with an ideal choice in the smartphone market.


Unique: authentic pearl design with distinctive patterns for each piece

In the Moon White color option of the benco S1 Plus, the back cover is crafted from authentic pearl material extracted from nacre, offering a radiant luster and dynamic texture that exudes elegance. It is noteworthy that each Moon White cover of the smartphone features unique patterns, akin to the individuality found in nature. Just as no two leaves are alike, no two Moon White back cover designs are alike. Each piece possesses its own distinct style, mirroring the uniqueness of each user.

Positioned as a fashion-forward device, its exquisite and unique design is a rarity in the market, offered at a friendly price. Furthermore, the artistic back cover is purportedly resistant to fingerprints, stains, and scratches, ensuring enduring elegance.


Fast: smooth performance delivered by advanced configurations

When it comes to smartphones, speed is everything. The benco S1 Plus is a smartphone of fast performance, delivering smooth and pleasant user experience for both work and play with its rich features. Here are the features contributing to such  optimal performance:

· Unisoc T616 octa-core chipset with external GPU: Unisoc's T616 octa-core chipset, paired with an external GPU, provides smooth performance for multitaskers and gamers, enhancing their overall experience with high-quality playing and viewing. It is worth pointing out that the additional GPU mentioned makes the benco S1 Plus the first smartphone in the industry to feature a 90Hz screen refresh rate running on a Unisoc T616 processor, greatly enhancing visual performance.


· Up to 16GB RAM and UFS 2.2 256GB ROM: The benco S1 Plus packs up to 16GB (8+8) RAM and 256GB ROM, offering users a smooth operating experience and ample storage space. With the support of advanced UFS 2.2 technology, its reading and writing speed is purported to be 300% higher than that of eMMC 5.1. Users can effortlessly store high-definition photos, games, music, and files, while experiencing SSD-level file access efficiency. This combination is ideal for handling large image data and delivering rapid game loading speeds for gamers.


· 90Hz 6.8" FHD+ smooth display: With its cutting-edge 6.8-inch FHD+ display boasting a 90Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, users can experience clear, smooth viewing and optimal responsiveness for tasks and gaming, enhancing overall user experience.


· 33W fast charging and 5000mAh massive battery: Backed by the 33W fast charging technology, benco S1 Plus can be charged to 50% within 30 minutes and fully charged in about 1 hour, greatly saving users time. And the 5000mAh battery ensures all-day-long of usage, meeting users’ daily needs without interruption.


Other Highlights
· 48MP + 16MP AI cameras: The 48MP main AI camera and the 16MP AI front camera cater to users' everyday photography needs effortlessly. Backed by the advanced four-in-one big-pixel sensor, both the front and rear cameras excel in capturing bright and vibrant photos in various lightening conditions.


· Innovative UI design of the Smart Window: The Smart Window is benco’s self-developed UI feature, seamlessly integrated into the punch-hole design. It is engineered to be appealing and functional, keeping users informed of ongoing activities such as charging progress and incoming calls while staying out of their way. With such innovative UI design, users won’t be interrupted from their ongoing tasks without missing any important notice.


The Fusion of Unique and Fast

The excellence of benco S1 Plus lies in its seamless blend of unique design and fast speed. Powerful RAM, processor, and storage work together to deliver smooth responsiveness during browsing, multitasking or gaming. Meanwhile, the unique cover distinguishes the smartphone with a distinctive pearl pattern.


Seamlessly combining a personalized aesthetics outside with fast spirits inside, benco S1 Plus is suitable for those who require personalized and premium design as well as high performance.




90Hz 6.8” FHD+ smooth display
with Smart Window feature


5000mAh; 33W type-c fast charge


8GB RAM + 8GB virtual RAM/

8GB RAM + 8GB virtual RAM/

UFS 2.2 supported

Rear Camera

48MP (main) + 2MP (macro);
f/1.79 aperture;
1.4µm 4-in-1 super pixel sensor;
sensor size 1/2'';
LED flash

Front Camera

16MP AI camera;
f/2.0 aperture;
sensor size 1/3''


Unisoc T616 octa-core processor
+ a powerful external GPU


Side-mounted fingerprint sensor

Face Unlock



Android 13



SIM Card

2 Nano SIMs + 1 Micro SD card


Moon White;
Dark Gray;
Night Purple



The benco S1 Plus will be available in May in Middle East followed by rollout to further countries in the coming months. It comes in three colors: Moon White, Night Purple, Dark Gray.


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About benco

benco is a smartphone brand owned by INONE Group, a technology company with over ten years of experience in mobile phone design, R&D, production, and sales. As one of INONE’s flagship brands, benco is committed to providing high-quality mobile products with personalized and fun experience to users across emerging markets.

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