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In the context of mediated society, digital technology has almost become an important puzzle piece in the underlying logic of the entire society. In this era, it is difficult for us to talk about industrial upgrading without digitization.

Although the medical industry is more rigorous and the level of digitization is relatively lagging compared to other industries, a series of new policies such as volume procurement, DRG, DIP, and medical service price reform, as well as industrial structure adjustment and the value game of all parties, digitization Medical care has become an indispensable part of every medical industry participant like mobile phones and Internet people.

Understanding the internal logic of medical digital transformation and its ultimate purpose is particularly critical to solving the current "stuck neck" problem of medical digital transformation and finding the direction of industrial development boosted by digital technology.

During the three-day conference, representatives from various circles of "government, industry, academia, research and medical investment" from all over the country will focus on digital medical care, AI and computing-driven new drug research and development, primary medical care, payment innovation, genetic testing, traditional Chinese medicine health care, and smart old-age care. Seven Topics such as market environment, investment hotspots, and industrial changes in major segments shared their insights on the industry at the conference, providing ideas for the digital transformation of medical care from various dimensions.

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