VST ECS in collaboration with INONE on the agency of LAVA smartphones in Thailand

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Recently, Mr. Somsak Pejthaveeporndej, CEO of VST ECS (Thailand) and Mr. Jacky Huang, chairman of INONE, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the agency of LAVA smartphones, marking great significance to both companies. 


Thailand has always been an important market for INONE, who runs LAVA mobile brand and has built a solid business foundation in the operator market through the cooperation with AIS, the biggest telecom operator in Thailand, since 2014. In April this year, INONE began to develop the open market, and finally selected and cooperated with VST ECS from four powerful candidates. 


As a leading ICT (Information and Communication Technology) product and service provider in the Asian-Pacific region, VST ECS (Thailand) not only has a history of 30 years in channel distribution, but its parent company has been listed in Hong Kong with branches throughout Southeast Asia. With the mature channel and B2B platform system, there is no doubt in its customer service capability.


VST ECS (Thailand) has a favorable impression of LAVA mobile brand and fully appreciates INONE's market achievements in other countries. It shows great interest in INONE's further business development and global layout. Mr. Somsak Pejthaveeporndej repeatedly expressed the intention to cooperate, and said that "the cooperation with INONE is not limited to the Thai market, but also extends to other countries in Southeast Asia."


Signing the contract with VST ECS (Thailand) not only means the expansion of INONE's open market business territory, but also the company's determination to deeply develop its existing customers and explore the cooperation areas, and more importantly, the company's determination to upgrade its business and start a new business, striving to continue the brilliant achievements as a former operator in Thailand. 


Along with the signing of the distributor agreement, three LAVA smartphones, naming iris 65, iris 51 and iris 50c, are going to be launched in Thailand on November 25th. These three competitive mobiles, which feature potent configurations and wallet-friendly prices, are destined to be the most value-for-money products for users in 2018.

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